Utp Rising 2023

January —
December 2023
Utp Rising is a community of young emerging artists.
Utp Rising 2023

Utp Rising is an artist collective creating a supportive and inclusive community that fosters creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and sincerity. Members of this collective inspire one another to create their best work, while also building strong relationships and connections that extend beyond the art world.


Utp Rising members are committed to creating art that is authentic, meaningful and true to their individual perspectives and experiences. They value honesty and transparency in their creative process, and are not afraid to share their vulnerabilities and struggles with one another.

Over the years the collective has had many different iterations and ways of working. In 2022, the artists organised their first group show, 'soft landings', at Bankstown Arts Centre.

We look forward to inviting you to their group show in November this year. Stay tuned for updates!


Join Utp Rising artists during Bankstown Arts Centre Open Day on Saturday July 29 at 12pm as they discuss their experience in the program over the past four years.

The full Bankstown Arts Centre Open Day program can be found here.

Participating artists include: Cynthia Florek, Tala Issaoui, Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, BEA, Rachelle Esaid, Aeron Vicente, Harsh Yalam and Jason Liu.

Partners and Supporters

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This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW