Utp Rising: CHANNELS

November —
October 2023
Utp Rising: CHANNELS

CHANNELS exhibition marks the 4th and final year of collaboration by Utp Rising, an evolving group of young emerging artists.


Join us for film screenings, art, performances and participatory collage-making!

Soft Launch 23-24 November

Opening Night Saturday 25 November

Open 6-8 pm every night

RSVP here.

Artists: BEA, Rachelle Esaid, Cynthia Florek, Tala Issaoui, Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, Jason Liu, Aeron Vicente and Harsh Yalam

Cover illustration and typography by Rachelle Esaid.

Exhibition Statement:

There are many paths, passages, and grooves that connect us. These are an overlap and intertwining of our experiences, choices, and habits. We all search for comfort, kinship, and quietude within ourselves. And where we cannot find them, we create branches between people and places. 

Reflecting experiences of feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and lost, these works reach out to the audience, and offer their hand. They are a rebirth, a new wave of 20-something year olds’ voices calling out to be heard, and letting you know you are seen. They explore the transformation that one goes through when they allow themselves to be vulnerable, the power of reclaiming your experiences, and the importance of allowing for rest and reflection. 

If you look for them, you can always find a softness within cruelty, strength within vulnerability, and beginnings within endings. Although it appears we’re each on our own road, at either end, and at every intersection, there is a chance for connection.

The exhibition statement is collaboratively written with brainstorming from the whole group and edited by BEA.

Artworks: (from left to right, top to bottom)

Cynthia Florek, feeding on pink nectar, collage kits and installation, 2023.

Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, Sleep Walking, interactive performance, 2023.

Tala Issaoui, void…, durational live performance, 2023.

Rachelle Esaid, Yeah, I’m Alright…, paper on panel, mixed media, 2023 

Jason Liu, Table for 9, plastic, glass, rawhide, cyanoacrylate, 2023

BEA, home/body, zine, multimedia display, collage, 2023.

Documentation: Garry Trinh

Artist Profiles:

BEA | Instagram

Rachelle Esaid

Cynthia Florek

Tala Issaoui | Website

Samuel Kanaan-Oringo

Jason Liu

Aeron Vicente | Website

Harsh Yalam

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Cover image: Rachelle Esaid

Partners and Supporters

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.