Urban Theatre Projects



Access sits at the core of how we think at Utp.


Access to paid opportunities and amenities for artists, access for communities to participate in the art making process and access for audience to experience excellent contemporary art.

Access begins with our website (thank you Accessible Arts NSW), it’s about having digital offerings for those who live in rural or remote areas or have limited mobility beyond COVID-19. Access is also about live offerings, particularly for the digitally disenfranchised, it’s about offering discounted tickets, and not having to travel too far from home.

We aim to provide a range of access opportunities when we present work, this can include Auslan, subtitles, closed captions, relaxed sessions and audio description. Access also includes translation and other culturally specific needs. We also aim to make our spaces easy to navigate, with mobility in mind.

We are always trying to improve our accessibility, so do get in touch if you have suggestions or requests. For more details on accessing a specific event click here or email veronica[@]utp.org.au

If you would like to support us in our mission to make the arts more accessible you can visit our support page and become a donor or partner.