Urban Theatre Projects



Utp Rising: soft landings

January —
December 2022
Utp Rising are an ensemble of 10 artists and arts workers finding their place and roles within a burgeoning arts community.
Utp Rising: soft landings

Utp Rising are supportive, curious, critical and sincere and work within Utp to ground their roles, careers and ambitions as artists.

Through their group show soft landings, Utp Rising artists invite you to find comfort and suspend time to contemplate reality or imagine one anew. They work with video, sound, writing, installation, painting, mixed media, animation, and performance to bring their concepts to life.

They have been with Utp for the past three years, working with mentors like Latai Taumoepeau, April Phillips, Alissar Chidiac, Akil Ahamat, Nancy Denis, Gillian Kayrooz, Nancy Trieu, Roslyn Oades, Naomi Riddle, Charmaine Seet, Ira Ferris, Winnie Dunn, and Sue Healey.

2022 Creative Team

Cynthia Florek, Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, Harsh Yalam, Aeron Vicente, Miriam Mubayyid, BEA, Tala Issaoui, Hope Lee, Grace Lee, Ilhan Abdi

The Works

Cynthia Florek 'Jellyfish at High Tide' Installation. 2022
Aeron Vicente 'Through Oizys' Wonderland' Painting. 2022
Samuel Kanaan-Oringo 'The Bed Project' Performance. 2022
Tala Issaoui 'Ode To My Soulmate' Video. 2022
Harsh Yalam 'The Cozy Night' Multimedia. 2022
'loving' BEA. video. 2022
'Ode To My Soulmate?' Tala Issoui. Video. 2022
'The Cozy Night' Harsh Yalam. Video 2022
'The Bed Project' Samuel Kanaan-Oringo. Performance 2022

Images: Dorcas Tang