for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Shervin Mirzeinali & Raghav Handa

June —
July 2023
for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Shervin Mirzeinali & Raghav Handa


Episode 7

In this episode, artists Shervin Mirzeinali and Raghav Handa discuss how heritageshows up in their work, and they play a game of chance where they will choose between speaking on love, sex, or religion.

Please note, this episode discusses ideas and thoughts on the topic of sex.

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Shervin Mirzeinali

Shervin Mirzeinali is a Sydney-based music composer and director. His music is inspired by Spectral and Dastgah (Iranian modal system) traditions. His works have been performed internationally in countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Finland, Austria, Italy, and Australia, as well as at festivals such as Gyumri Renaissance, Sibafest, MuTeFest, Impuls, and soundSCAPE.

A key feature of his work is “decorative timbre”, a personal language characterised by three specific qualities - concentrative perspective, contemplative listening, and the state of presence. Decorative timbre seeks to reach a new palate of sound colour by narrating different cultural aesthetics and philosophies through timbre. It creates a connection between melody and timbre, modernity and tradition, and forgotten rituals and new technologies. Throughout his musical journey, he had the opportunity to learn from renowned composers such as Damien Ricketson, Liza Lim, Puumala Veli-Matti, Johan Talgren, Eka Chabashvili, Ashot Zohrabian, and Ashot Ghazarian.

Image: Farid Hashemi

Raghav Handa

Trained in contemporary dance, Raghav Handa draws on the principles of Indian kathak to create multifaceted, engaging explorations of modern Australian identity. His works challenge cultural and contemporary norms by navigating the “preciousness” & complexities that surround traditional hierarchies and by utilising his Indian heritage to create spaces that foster robust discussion & risk taking – he encourages his audience to come to their own conclusions rather than imposing his own. His creations are novel, engaging and often playful, but he also likes to play with fire!!

He has worked with some of Australia’s most renowned choreographers and companies including Vicki Van Hout, Marylin Miller, Martin Del Amo, Sue Healey, Sydney Dance Company, Force Majeure, The National Theatre of Parramatta, Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (CAAP) and Griffin Theatre Company. His works have been presented across Australia and internationally including at Performance Spaces’ Liveworks Festival, Darwin Festival, Keir Choreographic Awards, Adelaide OzAsia; The Sydney Opera House season of Unwrapped, Sydney Festival season and national tour of Double Delicious with CAAP, Asia TOPA, Dancehouse, Rich Mix London, Attakkalari Dance Company (India) and Dunedin Festival (New Zealand).

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Photo: Panbe Zan by Mehdad Ziaee Nejad

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