for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Jenny Trinh and Mollika Prak

05 July —
12 July 2023
for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Jenny Trinh and Mollika Prak


Episode 8

In this episode, artists Jenny Trinh (AKA Wytchings) and Mollika Prak (AKA Monirath) discuss theinfluence of water, movies, music and community have had on their work.

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Jenny Trinh

Wytchings is a project from Western Sydney artist, Jenny Trinh. Growing up, she would often be found in the art room, headphones in and doodling until the blank pages of her sketchbook were filled up. Those times with her head in the clouds always brought her comfort - she has always been enamoured by the teleportive nature of music.

In 2018, she participated in New Age Noise (formerly known as All Girl Electronic) where she explored electronic music production properly for the first time, creating dreamy, film- inspired sounds evoking that of space and water. She has performed at a variety of shows from debuting at 2019's Club 4A to 2022’s Essential Tremors and has also created original scores for 2022’s Soft Centre (Transmutations with Leeroy New & Red Rey pres. Aliens of Manila) and 2023’s Brand X’s Ground Zero (Spoons with Saskia Ellis).

Her debut EP Neptune was released in 2019 and her second EP, Oculus was released in winter 2020 via Lazy Thinking Records. The final chapter of her Neptune trilogy – Psamathe was released in spring 2022, and it features the single Fata Morgana which was nominated for 'Song of the Year' at the FBi SMACs Awards 2022.

Image: Hyun Lee

Mollika Prak

Mollika Prak is an artist and accessories designer, who is known for her brand “Monirath”. She is passionate about fashion history and all things film. Mollika found her way towards costume jewellery because she was bored by what she was seeing in the market and wanted something bold and extravagant. After posting her designs on Twitter and Instagram, interest arose from all corners of the internet and she opened her online store.

This has lead to Mollika’s designs being immortalised throughout the fashion and entertainment industries, including: contributing towards costume design for the award winning film, “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once”; featured work on music videos and album covers; and recently showcased work at the Fashion X Art exhibition at the State Library for Melbourne Fashion Week in 2022.

Instagram and Twitter: @M0nirathWebsite and online store:

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