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Dream Sequence: Riana Head-Toussaint

30 June 2021
Riana Head-Toussaint
Dream Sequence: Riana Head-Toussaint

In these uncertain and anxiety-provoking times, people are increasingly searching for sources of encouragement, pleasure, and validation around the legitimacy of their existence. One well that is often dipped into during these moments of doubt is ‘Inspiration Porn’. 

Further Information

The term – coined by late Australian disability activist Stella Young – refers to material that portrays disabled people as objects of inspiration, for the benefit of non-disabled people. Inspiration Porn occurs across various forms of media, and its problematic nature is largely unnoticed. 

'InspoCam' is a new work in development that explores the choreography and consumption of Inspiration Porn. It interrogates our tendency to objectify others in the quest for our own personal gratification, and questions ‘when and under what circumstances might this be ok?’

Closed captions will be available on the recording of this performance via the Dream Sequence website from Monday 5th July at 1pm.

About Riana Head-Toussaint

Riana Head-Toussaint is an interdisciplinary disabled artist, who uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. Her work often crosses traditional artform boundaries, and exists in online and offline spaces. She employs choreography, performance, video, sound design, immersive/participatory installation and audience activation to create works that interrogate entrenched systems, structures and ways of thinking; and advocate for social change. The enduring concerns across her works are agency, representation, the limits of empathy, and how these impact people across different marginalised intersections. Her work is deeply informed by her experiences as a disabled woman of Afro-Caribbean descent, and her training as a legal practitioner.  

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Riana Head-Toussaint, InspoCam, 2020