for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Celine Cheung and Natasha Matila-Smith

21 June —
28 June 2023
for the circular movement of knowledge is an online series of conversations where artists create new relationships with peers through knowledge exchange.
for the circular movement of knowledge ~                         Celine Cheung and Natasha Matila-Smith


Episode 6

artists Celine Cheung and Natasha Matila-Smith exchange ideas on social awkwardness, feelings of inadequacy, racial dynamics, and how travel has influenced their practice.

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Celine Cheung

Image: Jacquie Manning

Celine Cheung is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and community facilitator based onunceded Wallumedegal and Darug land. Her practice spans across drawing, installation,performance, jewellery-making, education and event curating. Drawing from Gothic tales,Eastern spirituality and speculative fiction, she is interested in re-tellings of familial history,interpersonal intimacy and queer coming-of-age experiences in her art practice.

Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Arts from UNSW Art and Design in 2020, she hasworked with Parramatta Artists’ Studios, Urban Theatre Projects and Diversity Arts Australiato present various projects and commissions. Her works have been exhibited at Pari, GalleryLane Cove + Creative Studios and AirSpace Projects etc. In 2021, she founded a sustainableaccessory label focused on creating jewellery with natural and up-cycled materials. NuTalisman’s ethereal designs celebrated fantasy, cosmology and cinema with Sydney’screative community and beyond.

Natasha Matila-Smith

Image: supplied

Natasha Matila-Smith is a creative based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. Her speciality is“sad girl confessional” art and finding humour in moments of awkwardness. She writes,edits and curates sometimes too.

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'All the glitches is not gold' by Celine Cheung

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