The Nightline

01 November —
17 November 2018
Roslyn Oades, Bob Scott and Collaborators
The Nightline

The Nightline is an audio portrait of the night inspired by locally-sourced anonymous phone messages, left between the hours of midnight and 6am. 

Further Information

At the heart of The Nightline is a creative partnership between director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott. In the spirit of creative non-fiction, The Nightline recomposes from reality to conjure up a shared story and a temporary community of sorts – made up of those still awake after midnight. The work draws on field recordings, phone messages, composition and site-responsive design to create an immersive theatrical audio experience. Step into an exclusive underground listening club designed for insomniacs, night owls, lonely-hearts, worriers and dreamers. The Nightline promises companionship to the sleepless and rest to the restless


Director: Roslyn Oades

Sound Artist: Bob Scott

The Nightline Brainstrust: Krystal Docker, Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, Anshika Sharma, Harsh Yalam & Kellie Zhao-Culpan

Lighting Design & Coding: Fausto Brusamolino

Site Design Consultant: Clare Britton

Performer/Collaborator: Katia Molino

Phone design: Greg Cameron (Amandala Music Technologies)

Roslyn Oades

Roslyn is an award-winning theatre maker best known for her pioneering work in the field of headphone-verbatim performance. Original works for stage include: Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday, I’m Your ManIn a Deep Dark ForestCutaway–A PortraitStories of Love & Hate and Fast Cars & Tractor Engines. Her productions have toured nationally with Performing Lines and I’m Your Man, was adapted into an online interactive documentary with SBS. Roslyn recently embarked on a new series of place-based audio experiences, which include Cell 26, an audio work designed for a prisoner’s bed and Sea Stories, an audio work for sunrise. www.roslynoades.com

Bob Scott

Bob is a sound artist and music producer working in live and recorded music, theatre, film and broadcast.He is a regular collaborator with Ros Oades on many projects including Hello Goodbye and Happy BirthdayI’m Your Manand Stories of Love & Hate. Other recent projects include Sound Design for Sydney Chamber Opera’s Howling Girls, Sound Design for Brett Dean’s Hamlet, Head of Audio for Gallipoli Symphony from Turkey, audio post for Australian Chamber Opera and Jennifer Peedom’s Mountain and Johnny Greenwood and Australian Chamber Opera’s Water. Bob is a recipient of various ARIA awards, Greenroom Awards and an Australian Sound Guild Award.

Fausto Brusamolino

Fausto is a lighting designer and creative coder based in Sydney, designing for theatre and film in both conventional and non-conventional venues. Fausto creates lighting installations and works as a consultant for artists, artworks and exhibitions. In his work, creative coding is used as an organic element of the show, and becomes a distinctive production asset to create stunning and unique aesthetics. Fausto received the 2018 Green Room Award for Best Visual Design for Tangiwai.

Katia Molino

Katia has a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the School of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong. She majored in theatre and movement. Since then she has worked as a freelance performer. In the past, Katia has worked on four other shows with Roslyn Oades; Fast Cars & Tractor EnginesStories of Love & HateCutaway: A Portait, and I’m Your Man. Most recently, Katia has performed in Theatra Kantanka’s Obscene Madam D (directed by Carlos Gomes), and NORPA’s Wildskin (directed by Julian Louis).

Clare Britton

Clare works across visual art, design and performance. Clare has an active freelance practice and has collaborated to create original work consistently since 2000. From 2003-14 Clare was Co-Artistic Director of My Darling Patricia collaborating on the company’s process and acclaimed body of work. 

Currently, Clare tutors in the School of Design at the University of Technology, Sydney and is a PhD candidate researching the Cooks River and artworks that move through landscapes at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. Clare holds a Masters of Studio Art from SCA and is a recent recipient of the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship.

Image Credit

Joshua Morris