Talk Show: Hypothetical

20 July 2018
Sophie Campbell, Nicholas Naumov, Shaan Palankar, Haneen Sabsabi and Marley Satchell
Talk Show: Hypothetical

At around 11 or 12 years old young people are starting to understand and grapple with abstract concepts like love, happiness and equality. They’re beginning to make decisions by thinking and analysing as opposed to only by feeling or experiencing.

Further Information

For WOW Festival 2018, Utp invited 5 young people aged 11 to 13 years old to each grapple with an abstract concept as part of a hypothetical situation and share their thoughts with you.  Western Sydney young people Sophie Campbell, Nicholas Naumov, Shaan Palankar, Haneen Sabsabi and Marley Satchel shared a variety of works covering electronic music, news journalism, musical performance, documentary film making and self help talks. See highlights of their performances below:

About the Wow Festival

The Way Out West Children’s Festival is the premier interactive festival celebrating young people’s curiosity and imagination, in partnership with some of Australia’s leading artists creating work with, by and for young people.

The 2018 WOW Festival is a four-day event held in one of Australia’s most unique arts centres, the Casula Powerhouse in July. The WOW Festival invites you to dive into the packed program of theatre, interactive installations, dance, music, literature, food, yoga, workshops and FREE family events guaranteed to inspire joy, creativity and curiosity.

The WOW Festival believes that the arts should be FOR children as well as BY children. This year at the WOW Festival, children and young people take over the art centre as they share their stories and ideas about the world they live in.

For more information about the festival and its program, visit the WOW Festival Website.

Event Details

11am & 2pm, July 20 2018Main Theatre, Casula PowerhouseDuration 50 minutes

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Hamish Ta-mé