Seasons in Blak Box

May —
June 2021
Curated by Daniel Browning with Key Artists, N'arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM, Isobel Morphy-Walsh, Aunty Joy Murphy AO, Justice Nelson, as well as, Mandy Nicholson and Fay Stewart-Muir.
Seasons in Blak Box

In line with public health announcements, SEASONS in Blak Box has been paused until Friday 4 June. RISING will make a decision about events scheduled between Friday 4 June and Sunday 6 June over the coming week.

More Information

SEASONS in Blak Box is presented by RISING and YIRRAMBOI Festival in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

SEASONS in Blak Box is a multi-part sound work that explores the integral role of plants in the Kulin seasonal calendar. Through the time-honoured practice of deep listening, SEASONS invites audiences to experience climatic and seasonal variation, less as a weather event and more as a cultural phenomenon.

Presented in Blak Box, an award-winning sound pavilion designed by renowned architect Kevin O'Brien, SEASONS is curated by respected Aboriginal broadcaster and radio journalist Daniel Browning. Key Indigenous artists N'arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM, Isobel Morphy-Walsh, Aunty Joy Murphy AO and Justice Nelson along with featured artists Fay Stewart-Muir and Mandy Nicholson weave story, language and anecdote in a deeply moving evocation of country. SEASONS features new music by composer James Henry and lighting design by Karen Norris.

SEASONS is a work that is well suited to people who are blind or vision impaired as it is a listening experience in which the audience can experience music, spoken word and song from First Nations artists.

Curator's Quote

 “A season is as much about the lapse or passage of time as weather events, climatic variation and cycles of flowering and decay. However intense or frightening or beautiful, a season passes and recurs. There are no permanent states, just invariable change. In this sound work — which draws upon the Kulin seasonal calendar — the key artists evoke a different way of knowing their Country and its extraordinary range of physical features, biodiverse habitats, ecosystems and climates. It is a way of knowing — a knowledge system — informed by the Ancestors.” 

— Daniel Browning 

Audience Quotes

"My visit was overall inspiring and rejuvenating. I travelled to the Gardens to participate in the Seasons in Blak Box event. Arriving early I had thechance to walk around the gardens a bit - the scents arising, the coolness and calmness that comes from being around vegetation creating a sense ofcalm within. Fantastic. Seasons was an amazing experience on many levels. The venue was appropriate; the structure, lighting, sound quality allamazing and high quality. I feel honoured and fortunate to have heard the voices and listened to the stories of the six women artists who were thefoundation of the event; the music was powerful. Thanks for hosting this event.’’

"Like climbing into the womb of our land and awakening to its history and culture through story and sensory experience! Fantastic concept, wellexecuted, highly recommend!’’

"Beautiful immersive audio installation, the deep listening experience was engaging and memorable. Loved it. Thank you for sharing local Indigenousstories and connecting us with country.’’

"Peaceful; a wonderful learning experience and again I marvel at how much we can learn from our indigenous brothers and sisters. I am so pleased to have been present as now I read that it will need to be closed due to COVID19. More Indigenous experiences like this please.’’

Creative Team

Curator: Daniel Browning

Architect: Kevin O'Brien

Lighting Designer: Karen Norris

Composer: James Henry

Cultural Producer: Genevieve Grieves

Key Artists:

N'arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM

Isobel Morphy-Walsh

Aunty Joy Murphy AO

Justice Nelson

Contributing Artists:

Mandy Nicholson

Fay Stewart-Muir

Sound Engineer: Jack Prest

Sound Recordist and Engineer: Darius Kedros

Lead Builder/Installer: David Hawkes

Production Team

Production Manager: Julie Blyth

Site Manager: Liam Drennan

Event Details

Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Meeting point: Visitor Centre

6 May – 5 June 2021

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Partners and Supporters

The program is made possible through the generous support of Create NSW

SEASONS in Blak Box was originally commissioned by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria with support from Australia Council for the Arts and City of Melbourne. 

SEASONS in Blak Box is presented by RISING and YIRRAMBOI Festival in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

Image Credit

Teresa Tan