Radical Accessibility 1

23 October 2020
Utp, Western Sydney University, and Accessible Arts.
Radical Accessibility 1

Radical Accessibility 1: A collaboration between Utp, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University, and Accessible Arts. With support from Create NSW.

Further information

The Radical Accessibility panel focused on how the creative and cultural industries are (re)conceptualising the issue of ‘accessibility’ during COVID. Our expert panellists considered how (and if) the technical and digital accessibility innovations of 2020 can be mobilised and enhanced in a post-COVID world.


Dr Jessica Olivieri, Urban Theatre Projects

Dr Rachel Morley, Western Sydney University


Professor James Arvanatakis, Western Sydney University

Dr Debra Keenahan, Western Sydney University

Katrina Sandbach, Western Sydney University

Thank you

Special thanks to Dr Michelle Catanzaro (WSU), Veronica Barac-Gomez (Utp) and Liz Martin (Accessible Arts).

Partners and Supporters

The program is made possible through the generous support of Create NSW