Practice & Participate

09 October —
25 October 2013
Nicole Barakat, Alwin Reamillo , Vicki Van Hout, Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, Simone O'Brien, Toby Martin, Diego Bonnetto
Practice & Participate

Over a 3-weeks Urban Theatre Projects will facilitate PRACTICE & PARTICIPATE– a research and development opportunity for artists who make work that responds to the social fabric of a particular community, neighbourhood or locale. 

Further Information

The lab is open to artists practicing design, publishing, street art, sculpture, installation, live art, performance, writing, new media, activist art, visual and environmental art. The lab provides artists with an environment to play, experiment and explore new models of collaborative practice in a facilitated/curated context that directly engage with place (site) and people (community). The 2013 theme for PRACTICE & PARTICPATE is neighbourhood and will place 9 artists in residence in the gardens of seven families on a suburban street in Bankstown LGA.

Creative Team


  • Nicole Barakat
  • Alwin Reamillo
  • Vicki Van Hout
  • Joey Ruigrok van der Werven
  • Simone O'Brien
  • Toby Martin
  • Diego Bonnetto


  • Mohammed Ahmed
  • Rebecca Conroy
  • Gaele Sobbott


  • Fadle El Harris
  • Jagath Dheerasekara

Curated and produced by UTP with seven local households.