One Day For Peace: Food Odyssey

01 January 1970
Kirsty Ross, Karen Therese, and Eva and Tom from Western Sydney Community Forum
One Day For Peace: Food Odyssey

When coming along to a full screening of One Day For Peace, why not make a night of it by tasting the local food?

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We’ve pulled together our dinner recommendations for six of our screening locations, and thrown in a few ideas for dessert too.


Auburn Map

Auburn is a foodie’s paradise. Stock up on groceries at the Nepali grocer ASAN BAZAAR or the Turkish ELIF MARKET or GIMA SUPERMARKET. In terms of dinner however…

  • DARBAND PERSIAN RESTAURANT serves reasonably priced, tasty Persian dishes. This place is known for its fluffy rice-based dishes and various lamb-centred meals. Not much for vegetarians but some good side dishes including Kashk-e-Bademjan(Eggplant Pan-Fried with Mint and Onion with Whey dressing) 9/45 Rawson Street, Auburn (Open until 9pm)
  • Try the best baklava in town at Gaziantep162 South Parade Auburn (Open until 9.30pm)
  • For savoury and sweet Turkish delights, visit MADO CAFE. If you’re after a snack to share, try the mixed dips with Turkish bread. Or give in to temptation and order the Cup Maras, an ice cream sundae with scoops of black mulberry, pistachio and sour cherry. 63 Auburn Road Auburn (Open until 10pm)


Bankstown Map

As Bankstown is UTP’s HQ, we have oodles of recommendations for where to eat (check out our full Restaurant Guide under ‘How To Find Us‘) but here are a few favourites!

  • LOVING HUT is a vegan/vegetarian faith-based restaurant with great menu options for all tastes. Try the mock-duck with string beans or the tofu with lemongrass and chilli. Shop 6, 18-20 Greenfield Parade Bankstown (Open until 8.30pm)
  • BANKSTOWN LEBANESE RESTAURANT offers simple, traditional Lebanese food. Eat in or take away, it’s great value – the falafel roll is our top pick for an on-the-run, healthy budget meal. 7 Greenfield Parade Bankstown (Open until 9pm)
  •  If you’re after Vietnamese food, try AN RESTAURANT where the neon sign reads “So Pho, So Good.” The owners claim this Bankstown institution is the biggest pho house in the world. Try the pho of course! 27 Greenfield Parade Bankstown (Open until 9pm)
  •  If we’re talking institutions, EL BAHSA SWEETS takes the cake, literally. Their biscuits, pastries and Turkish delights are irresistible. 288 Chapel Road South Bankstown (Open until 10pm)


Blacktown Map

Blacktown has some excellent local fare, from the Westpoint food court to the main street.

  • If you feel like a quick and delicious chicken burger with a Lebanese twist, look no further than EL JANNAH —a Western Sydney institution. For vegetarians, try the falafel with tahini and pickles. 44-48 Flushcombe Rd. Blacktown (Open until 11pm)
  • Our friends at Blacktown Arts Centre recommend ABYSSINIA ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT on Main Street, which serves authentic habesha food using imported Ethiopian spices. 5 Main St. Blacktown (Open until 9pm)
  • For those who aren’t pressed for time, make a trip to SUN’S BURMESE KITCHEN. A 7-minute drive from Blacktown Station. Sun’s offers traditional Burmese soups, deep fried winter melon, and more! 10 Tulloch St. Blacktown (Open until 8.30pm)

Canley Heights

Canley Heights Map

If driving to Canley Heights there are great food options in Canley Vale (Vietnamese) Fairfield West (Italian) and Warwick Farm (Serbian). However if you’re bound to Canley Heights itself, we recommend the Thai and Laotian fare.

  • Head to HOLY THAI BASIL for a classic Thai experience. Apparently they do an amazing fried ice-cream in filo pastry! 233A Canley Vale Rd. Canley Heights (Open 5pm-10pm)
  •  TWELVE SPICES LAOTIAN AND THAI offers a good fusion of Thai and Loatian cuisine. Word on the street is that their papaya salad is a winner. 197 St Johns Rd. Canley Heights (Open until 10pm)


Liverpool Map

Liverpool is known for its Indian Cuisine. Lovers of Indian street food and sweets will be spoilt for choice. We like going to UDAYA SPICES for our pre-made spice mixes (163-183 George St. Liverpool). If you want to sit down for a meal…

  • HERMANI INDIAN RESTAURANT is a UTP staff favourite. With vegetarian and Halal options, this restaurant serves up traditional curries and wonderful tandoori dishes. The palak paneer is definitely worth trying with its unusual smokey flavour. 268 George St. Liverpool  (Open until 10.45pm)
  • For Afghani and Persian food, try BAKHTAR RESTAURANT ORIENTAL EASTERN CUISINE. Afghani recommendations include: Qabuli Palaw with Bamiyan, Baquli Palaw with Bamiyan. 8/48 Elizabeth St. Liverpool (Open until 9pm)

Mt Druitt

Mt Druitt Map

Mt Druitt has some classic offerings from traditional milk bars to fish and chips, but PYT’s Karen Therese has two special recommendations for One Day for Peace audiences.

  • For the “best ever” Punjab Indian cuisine, head to PUNJAB INDIAN SWEETS & RESTAURANT, located in Old Mt Druitt. 27 Mount Druitt Road (Open until 10pm)
  • How could you go past a name like THE FUNKY CHICKEN FILIPINO RESTAURANT? Try the halo halo desserts. Shop 2, 15 Cleeve Cl, Mount Druitt (Open until 6pm)


Parramatta Map

Parramatta’s main drag really does have something for everybody. You probably don’t need any help but here are our recommendations anyway!

  • For a special night out on the town, make a reservation at JAMIE’S ITALIAN TRATTORIA. Which Jamie? Why, Jamie Oliver of course. Serving rustic Italian favourites in a relaxed setting, close to the One Day For Peace screening and our Public Panel.A bit pricier than our other cheap and cheerful recommendations. Centenary Square Church Street Parramatta (Open until 9.30pm)
  • If Singaporean and Malaysian food is your thing then you might already know about TEMASEK. Regular diners go bananas for their seafood laksa and beef rendang. 71 George St. Parramatta (Open until 9.30pm)
  • If it’s Vietnamese food you crave, head to PHO PASTEUR. With generous portions and fresh ingredients, it’s a no-brainer for hungry pho-lovers. 137 Church St. Parramatta (Open until 10pm)
Darband Persian Restaurant Photo: Kirsty Ross
Darband Persian RestaurantPhoto: Kirsty Ross

A big thank you to Kirsty Ross, Karen Therese from Powerhouse Youth Theatre, and Eva and Tom from Western Sydney Community Forum for their recommendations.

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Gaziantep Sweets & Pastry photo: Kirsty Ross