Life As We Know It

08 March —
16 March 2013
Rosie Dennis
Life As We Know It

Presented by Urban Theatre Projects, Campbelltown Arts Centre & Carriageworks

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"It’s the kind of theatre that appeals to people who think they loathe theatre. Surely this is what contemporary theatre is demanding of practitioners—to produce work that embraces audiences and values their generative contribution to the art-making process.  Rosie Dennis’ work matters—to the communities she is enabling on stage and to the audiences she is connecting with…” 


Bringing together seven senior residents from the Campbelltown suburb of Minto, Life As We Know It gave a personal insight into what it’s like to be slowing down in a world that is speeding up.  Sharing advice on all aspects of suburban life from gardening to life long companionship, this Australian work is full of humanity and humour.

Moving poetically from the mundane to the extraordinary Life As We Know It shows Rosie Dennis’ unique ability to bridge the gap between audiences and artists. Grounded in empathy, this production is characterised through the personal voice of people in their 60’s and 70’s that are rarely heard first hand.

Life As We Know It has been commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Creative Team

Writer/Director: Rosie Dennis

Performers: Vicki Andrews, Daryl Cooke, June Hickey, Judy Murray, Ivan Sevrovic, Jenny Shillingsworth & Dorothy Weir.

Musicians: Matthew Steffen and Toby Martin

Lighting Design/Production Manager: Frank Mainoo

Set Design: Joey Ruigrok Van Der Werven

Set Construction: David Hawkes

Production Manager (Campbelltown Season): Liz Astey

Event Details

Cambelltown Arts Centre

  • 4pm, Friday 8 March
  • 4pm, Saturday 9 March
  • 4pm, Sunday 10 March

Carriageworks Arts Centre

  • 7pm, Wednesday 13 March
  • 7pm, Thursday 14 March
  • 7pm Friday 15 March
  • 2pm Saturday 16 March
  • 7pm Saturday 16 March

Supporters and Partners

Cartiageworks, Cambelltown Arts Centre, Working Together in Minto, St James Anglican Church Minto

Image Credit

Image Credit: Heidrun Lohr