for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Jagath Dheerasekara and Neha Kale

07 July 2022
for the circular movement of knowledge is an online series of conversations where artists create new relationships with peers through knowledge exchange.
for the circular movement of knowledge ~  Jagath Dheerasekara and Neha Kale

Episode 1

Over the course of their online conversation residency Jagath and Neha engaged in knowledge sharing about food, decolonisation, imagined homelands and more.


Content warning

Mention of suicide and torture.

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Jagath Dheerasekara

Jagath is an Amnesty International Human Rights Innovation Fund Grant recipient. He lives and works in southwest Sydney. He was forced to leave Sri Lanka due to his political and human rights activism and was granted political asylum in France in the early 1990s. His multidisciplinary practice is chiefly informed by his personal and collective memory and the incidents of fragility of the principles of humanity. 

Neha Kale

Neha Kale is a widely-published writer and critic whose work focuses on the intersection of art, contemporary culture and society. Her essays, criticism and other nonfiction have appeared nationally and internationally in places like ArtReview, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Saturday Paper, SBS, Art Guide, The Guardian, Running Dog, Kill Your Darlings ABC and more. She was formerly the editor of VAULT magazine and has moderated panels and presented lectures and workshops at Melbourne Writers’ Festival, National Young Writers’ Festival, Noted Festival and Emerging Writers’ Festival. She is also a facilitator for the Australia Council’s Re(situate) Biennale Delegates Program.

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Akil Ahamat

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