Gulyangarrira Gumada Ngallawan

01 November —
17 November 2018
Corina Norman-Dadd, Julie Jones and Lexodius Dadd
Gulyangarrira Gumada Ngallawan

(The Children’s Spirits Live and Remain)

A short film which gives an insight into the history of The Blacktown Native Institution. The Institution was a residential school for young Aboriginal and Maori children that operated from 1823 – 1829. Originally located at Parramatta and later moved to what is now known as Blacktown, it is one of the first known sites where Aboriginal children were removed from their parents and institutionalised – a practice that continued until the 1970s.

This event was part of Right Here. Right Now. 2018.


Director: Rosie Dennis

Cinematographer: Samuel James

Sound Recordist: Mark Blackwell

Key Artists: Corina Norman-Dadd, Julie Jones and Lexodius Dadd

Editor: Miriana Marusic

Sound Designer: Andrew Bellaty

Image Credit

Samuel James