for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Feras Shaheen and Amir Sabra

19 July 2022
for the circular movement of knowledge is an online series of conversations where artists create new relationships with peers through knowledge exchange.
for the circular movement of knowledge ~   Feras Shaheen and Amir Sabra

Episode 2

Over the course of their online conversation residency, Feras and Amir engaged in knowledge sharing about Palestine, parallel worlds, expectations, contemporary dance, coffee on roundabouts and more.


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Feras Shaheen

Feras Shaheen’s art practice spans across performance, semiotics, street dance and digital media. Shaheen was born in Dubai to Palestinian parents and moved to Sydney at the age of 11. Drawing from his Hip Hop dance background as well as Palestinian cultural dance traditions, Shaheen traverses different roles within the arts, working as a performer, teacher, choreographer and digital artist. He holds a Bachelor in Design from Western Sydney University (2013) and in addition to his artistic practice works as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and videographer.

Amir Sabra

Amir Sabra is a dancer and choreographer, working currently as the director of Stereo48 Dance Company. He started as a break-dancer in 2008 and then joined Hawaieh dance group where he represented Palestine with them in several dance contests in Denmark, Belgium, and Jordan. In 2015 joined the Belgium-Palestinian dance piece “Badke” by choreographer Koen Augustijnen/ Les Ballets C de la B. In 2017 he worked as a dancer and rehearsals manager with Ya Samar Dance theatre. In 2017 he started his choreography career with his first piece “Hiphopgeez” and he is currently in residency in France to work on his fourth dance production “Journey to Jerusalem” a new production by Stereo48. 

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Akil Ahamat

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