for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Emele Ugavule and Steev Laufilitoga-Maka

28 September 2022
for the circular movement of knowledge is an online series of conversations where artists create new relationships with peers through knowledge exchange.
for the circular movement of knowledge ~ Emele Ugavule and Steev Laufilitoga-Maka

Episode 4


Over the course of their online conversation residency, Emele and Steev discussed ideas of authenticity and originality, cultural identity in the arts and the journey of movement.

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Emele Ugavule is a Tokelauan Fijian storyteller. Her research and practice area of interest is Oceanic Indigenous-led storytelling, working across live performance, screen & digital media as a writer, director, creative producer, performer, educator and mentor. Her work explores creative processes and outcomes grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing, and nurturing the vā where embodiment, cultural expression, digitisation and neuroscience intersect.

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Inspired by his pacific heritage, driven by the wisdom of his elders and rooted in a rich upbringing of stories, song and dance as a Pacific Islander, Steev began creating and performing at a young age and has continued to develop a passion for the arts as a dynamic tool for community empowerment, and social development. Steev has over 27 years of professional work in the arts and culture sector, including 17 years with Pacifique et Compagnie New Caledonian theatre company and school, and eight years working with the Tonga based, pacific focused arts initiative, ON THE SPOT.

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