Feminist Killjoys Reading Group

January —
December 2019
Cynthia Florek, Ellen O'Brien, Nujhat Ahmed, Rajni Shah, Rhayne Fountain, Sanki Tennakoon and Xiaoran Shi
Feminist Killjoys Reading Group

The Feminist Killjoys Reading Group met on the last Saturday of the month on Darug land in Blacktown throughout 2019.

Further Information

This group is a growing community of people who identify as feminist killjoys, or who wish to learn more about the figure of the feminist killjoy in a respectful and inclusive setting. The project is inspired by the work of Sara Ahmed, and her blog

Public sessions were run on the last Saturday of the month on Darug land in Blacktown, and were led by a core group of five young artists working in collaboration with mentor Rajni Shah, co-ordinator Sanki Tennakoon and creative facilitator Ellen O’Brien. For more information visit

You can also read more about the Feminist Killjoys Reading Group via their zine here.

Creative Team

  • Cynthia Florek
  • Ellen O'Brien
  • Nujhat Ahmed
  • Rajni Shah
  • Rhayne Fountain
  • Sanki Tennakoon
  • Xiaoran Shi

Throughout 2019, we supported a number of diverse projects from young people and emerging practitioners as part of the Young Residents Program. All artists have strong voices and sharp insights into contemporary practice and cultural representation, and their collective talents include literature, performance, live art, film and community practice. Feminist Killjoys Reading Group is part of the Young Residents Program.

Partners and Supporters

Western Sydney University is the Young Residents Program founding partner. The program is made possible through the generous support of the Crown Resorts Foundation and Packer Family Foundation.

Image Credit

Sanki Tennakoon