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Dream Sequence.22: Episode 1 - Tarik Ahlip

27 April 2022
Dream Sequence.22: Episode 1 - Tarik Ahlip



Content Warning:

This video includes sensitive content. Viewer discretion is advised. Viewers must be over eighteen.

Explicit audio descriptions of sexual acts, including BDSM. Mentions of drug use, violence and domestic violence.


You can download a transcript of Episode 1 - Tarik Ahlip here.

In this Dream Sequence.22 episode Tarik Ahlip positions the online space as an inherently queer one within a narrative that meshes race, sexuality, class and online safety.

Two events took place on different dates at a sex venue in Western Sydney. Both these events and the intervening online interactions were preceded by a palpable sense of danger. Tarik's video work explores the spectrum of queer visibility and the community that gathers both within the confines of a physical space and the obscurity of the digital realm.

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Tarik Ahlip

Tarik Ahlip works in sculpture, film, verse and sound. His practice considers poetic as capable of driving epistemic change, and is currently working on a series of short films about the politics of God. He is a current tenant at Parramatta Artists Studios, Rydalmere.

Creative Producer: VerĂ³nica Barac-Gomez


Sidney McMahon