Back Home

January —
December 2007
Alicia Talbot
Back Home

Back Home is a timely and ultimately life-affirming project unlike any other.


Further Information

Bristling with explosive physicality, this is a deeply emotional story that takes us through the lives of men coming to terms with their past and facing up to their future.

Set in the backyard of a house, the play reunites four friends in a night intended to celebrate old times. It seems the bonds of mateship have stood the test of time even though the past few years have seen them walk different paths. However, as the night unravels, a litany of shattered dreams and broken promises bubble to the surface.

Created working in-residence in Sydney’s western suburbs, Back Home enters the volatile world of men’s business, tapping into broader concerns about leadership, community, spirituality and the journey of men within society.

Back Home rejoices in the kind of true naturalism that theatre has been seeking on and off since the 19th Century.

The Globe and Mail, Toronto, 2007

It is fiction but Back Home’s deep and extraordinary links to reality create a brutal, evocative and life-changing event.Lenny Ann Low,

The Sydney Morning Herald, Jan. 2006

…a night of wild and courageous unraveling. The yearning for connection, love and fulfillment felt by these men and their expressions of grief and rage offer a powerful and provocative statement about the interconnectedness of male relationships, racial interrelationships and the embedded, cultural silences of this country.

Bryoni Trezise, RealTime 71, Feb/Mar 2006

Creative Team


Alicia Talbot


NOMISe, Aaron Fa'Aoso, Leo Tanoi and Shannon Williams

Cultural Advisor

Lily Shearer

Lighting Designer

Neil Simpson

Set Designer

Sam James

Sound Artist

Liberty Kerr


Deborah Pollard

Movement Consultant

Lee Wilson

Traditional Dance Consultant

Djahn Doolan

Supporters and Partners

Back Home has been supported by Blacktown City Council, Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney Festival, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, The Myer Foundation, Holy Family Centre, The Shed, NSW Probation & Parole, NSW Department of Housing and Delfin Ropes Crossing.