July —
August 2018
Bee Cruse, Connor MacNamara, Kryton Stewart and Kaitlen Wellington

Initiated in 2013, B-Side gives First Peoples artists the opportunity to tease out an idea on the page in a professional, supported and culturally safe environment with a direct and immediate outcome.

Further Information

Since its inception B-Side has supported 16 Aboriginal artists to seed new work including Megan Wilding, Katie Beckett, Billy MacPherson, Vicki Van Hout and Travis Cardona.

B-Side partnered with Bundanon Artist Trust to commission four Aboriginal artists from the South Coast to write short works for digital broadcast. The Bundanon B-Side residency will be facilitated by Daniel Browning and Andrea James and took place from July 30th to August 4th.

Deep Listening: The Spirit of Place

The B-Side Project is a cultural development retreat for emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists working with sound, incorporating music and the spoken word. The aim is to develop skills in sound recording, writing for the ear, composition, dramaturgy and cultural competency in the exhibition and performance of sound work. With creative and technical support from the mentors, the artists will gather natural sound from the environment and produce a short sound work incorporating the human voice, spoken word and other elements derived from the spirit of place. The project is process-driven rather than outcome-driven.

The project is guided by the principle of ‘deep listening’ – the practice of conscious, intent listening which is driven by the rationale that we all wish to be heard.

Supporters and Partners

Bundanon Trust

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Johnny Barker