Ama & Chan

January —
December 2011
Drew Fairley, Alan Lao, Effie Nkrumah
Ama & Chan

First presented by Urban Theatre Projects in May 2011. This work presents a snapshot of Australian life that is light years away from media headlines or prime time TV.

Ama and Chan love each other but they don’t always see things the same way. Ama is a straight talking Ghanaian fashionista with internet celebrity on her mind. And Chan is a loud disgruntled Hong Kong Hip Hop wannabe. Now they’re married and they’re renting a flat of their own, all kinds of sparks are flying.

The chemistry and banter is great, the cultural body slams are brilliant – fun – local –completely un PC.

– Augusta Supple

Needless to say their families don’t approve of the union. With all the noise coming from their tiny rented flat you’d think their families have a point. But the noise isn’t always marital mudslinging. You see they cook like they live; loud, fast, hilariously and with magic results.

Chinese/Ghanaian fusion cooking is what brought them together. Their fusion recipes are much sought – after and with a little help they might get their own cooking show. On TV!

…a tour through the world of online celebrity, social networking, cooking shows and cultural fusion.

– Tharunka

A TV Cooking show will solve all their problems. Their families will be impressed (and leave them alone). Their new Australian neighbours will admire them (and not leave them alone) and most importantly they will be famous. They hatch a plan to film a segment of their cooking and put it on the net. Internet celebrities are created everyday and Ama and Chan are surely celebrities worth celebrating.

All they need is a magic fusion recipe, an audience and someone who has ‘Friends in the industry’. Enter Frank, Am’s persistent ex boyfriend. He’s rich, handsome, Ghanaian and indeed has ‘Friends in the Industry’. But Chan is suspicious. What does Frank want and who is the Indonesian guy drumming in the corner?

Come and be part of the live studio audience as Ama and Chan cook up a fusion dish that will sky rocket them into fame. Part sit-com, part Master Chef and part social media campaign.

Nkrumah and Lao are agile performers and they build an infectious rapport with their audience.

– Jason Blake, SMH

This fast paced comic work invites the audience to witness the onstage and off stage drama of a reality cooking show. Direct from Generation Y, Urban Theatre Projects has created a family show that is overwhelming popular with young and old audiences and is suitable for ages 7 up.

Creative Team


Effie Nkrumah


Alan Lao


Drew Fairley


Reza Achman

Video Designer

Kate Richard

Set Designer

Arthur Koutoulas

Lighting Designer

Neil Simpson


Frank Mainoo


Alicia Talbot

Video Post Production

Martin Fox


Sarah Wilson

Community Consultants

Members of the African & Chinese communities in western Sydney